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Dave is out this week, D-Train & Gordon are joined by Morgan “Moose” Wright of American Ninja Warrior, We finally figure out the issue with OBS and Skype, Working thru new equipment bugs, New’s and Shit plus we go down a deep wormhole of stuff that may upset some people. Listen


We are taking the week off. Please enjoy EP-15 You will hear the differences in our show and we take a very interesting phone call about a local boy who was in the news. Download


On this weeks episode we are joined once again by local comedian Larry Venturino, Dave’s got a girl wanting to get to known him, D-Train takes photo’s in the women’s section of Target, a trip to Texas, News with Gordon Plus much more. Download


This week D-Train and Gordon discuss, Life, Fans, License Tags, Old School Kentucky insurance policies, The Try to Get Larry Venturino on the phones and the entire show goes to off the rails. Download


We ran two days late and Dave is at work, D-Train and Gordon talk about many different things from, Growing up as part of a generation that has offended everyone, Gun Safety Tips, New’s and Shit, getting attacked by panthers plus much more. Download Merch


D-Train his daughter out to celebrate her birthday and stumbles across the Celtic Fest, Dave finds a chick, we finally get a successful  multicast show done, Gordon talks about getting robbed … Download


On this week’s episode, The audio bugs are back but we deal with them quickly, We talk about fear, Getting out to sign tickets, Never Knowing when it’s your time, alcoholism, plus much much more. Download