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Episode 11 ( Re-Publish)

Re-Publish of Episode 11 ( Not currently available on Itunes or Stitcher.)   On this week’s episode: It’s the first official episode of The Waterman & D-Train Show, We talk about Dave’s ass in response to the One Chip Challenge, Party’s from the 90’s, Dave’s girl problems, plus much more. Download


EP-32 The Dave Who Lost His Woooo, We talk about Dave and the wasabi challenge, The first time we realized we were old, Sleeping on the job site, we take some calls plus much more. Download   Buy Me

EP-31 Part Two

Part Two We discuss Dave getting pulled over by Cape Coral’s finest, The Death of D-Train’s mail box, Rich calls in for more online dating advice, The New Mexico Terrorist Compound, Why you shouldn’t be a “ This Is Going To Suck Person, plus much more. Download  

EP-31-Part One

EP31 Part 1 Morgan “Moose” Wright of American Ninja Warrior fame sits down with D-Train for a One on One interview to discuss his time in the Military, Teaching your children, his experience on American Ninja Warrior, Fitness, plus much more. Download


Dave talks about his van tire blowout, bad drivers in SW Florida, D-Train gives advice on not staying in a low ceiling job, Dating advice, plus we work on expanding Dave’s vocabulary.     Download