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This week the entire crew is back together, D-Train and Co. walk out of a concert because it is way too hot and way to pack to enjoy the show, We talk briefly about Federalism, News with Gordon, back to school traffic, plus much more. More / Listen


Dave is out this week, D-Train talks about his experience on the TV shoot, and if he should take on  “Stage Name or Not, We talk about bad room-mates, and News with Gordon. More / Download


Thanks to the OG5 we have a new sound board and thing are finally cruising along, D-Train teases a new project he’s apart of, We talk about our friend Bill’s bad choices in tacos, News with Gordon, plus much more. More / Download


We’re back from Vacation, Dave talks about the Area 51 Raid, Pugs Giveaway, We talk about what we did on the 4th, Streaking, News with Gordon plus much more. Download


On this week’s episode Dave opens the show talking about his week and the upcoming holiday, More hardware issues, we beg for your help, D-Train’s double fisting Coffee and Beer, We talk more about the Homeless, Tribute Trucks, News with Gordon Plus much more. Download


This week Dave talks about the effect eating all the strange things on the S&H show is having on his stomach, D-Train talks about how the homeless prevented him from using the restroom, We talk inside track on fast food, News with Gordon, plus much more. Listen


Dave is back with an update on his brother, Brad Williams of Snow Blynd joins us again, D-Train almost ran someone over and “News” with Gordon. Listen


On This week’s episode Dave talks about his Shark Fishing Trip, D-Train’s PSA on bad behavior at local comedy shows, Dave’s Bee Problem’s, “News” with Gordon Plus much more. Read & Download


On this week’s episode Dave gives us a update on his family medical issues.. D-Train talks about an over priced Thrift Store, The 90’s Phrase Of The Day, News with Gordon Plus much more. Download