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On this week’s episode we contribute to the Gillette Commercial debate,  We talk about hot chics with dumpy dudes, holding on to hair styles way too long, Bullying and much much more. Download


This week we talk about Dollar Store Robbery, walking the streets as a way to get to know your city, Dave’s new dress code, No Drinking at work, plus much more. Download


On This Week’s episode Dave is sick, and busted his ass on his skateboard, D-Train got an awesome gift from one of our listeners, We talk about automotive on-board tech and how its making us bad drivers, Clayton calls in to talk about Black Friday and Bounty Hunting, plus much more. Download Support The Pod .


This week we talk about Road Rage with Gordon, Neighborhood Kids breaking into cars, driving the wrong way, and Comedian Larry Venturino joins over the phone to promote local comedy. Subscribe via- Applepodcast, Stitcher, Spotify. Download. Funny Fellas FB   Support The Pod

Episode 11 ( Re-Publish)

Re-Publish of Episode 11 ( Not currently available on Itunes or Stitcher.)   On this week’s episode: It’s the first official episode of The Waterman & D-Train Show, We talk about Dave’s ass in response to the One Chip Challenge, Party’s from the 90’s, Dave’s girl problems, plus much more. Download