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Dave talks about the lack of Bacon at ‘Bacon-fest’, We talk about the gun control issues in Virginia, Square Tip Knives, D-Train’s Trip to Georgia, News with Gordon, Plus much more. Listen / More


We’re going Old School and doing a show without live streaming. Dave joins us via the phone, Gordon via skype, and D-Train is home in the studio. Dave talks about issues at home and what he wanted to do when He grew up, We talk about life “Before We Were Woke”, News with Gordon plus…


First Episode of 2020. Dave talks about things that still bother him, we talk about Money Not being a Un-Renewable Natural Resource, We got a new sponsor, News with Gordon, plus a bunch more. Listen / More


Dave is out with a busted foot, Bill sits in as guest host, Gordon joins us from Vegas, We take a taco quiz, talk about my trip to Orlando, the number one reason not to shop at the Edison Mall, plus much more. More


We try to get Dave on the show but tech issues prevented that from happening. We say good by to Ed Monett, and Ed Fish, News with Gordon and an NetFlix Pick of the week. Download


Dave talks about his remote with a member of Five Finger Death Punch, What is it like to eat raw Squid, We talk song lyrics, News with Gordon, plus much more. More / Listen


Dave is back, D-Train Talks about his experience running in his first Savage Race, Due to your continued support using our amazon link and Patreon we were able to upgrade our microphones, News with Gordon Plus much more. Listen / More