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On this week’s episode, Gordon Talks about being awaken from a Fart, Act Computers Tech Tip, D-Train talks about his day on set during the final filming of Walking Point, Plus much more. Download


On this week’s episode D-Train has no water at his house, 5k update, Dave has issues with his neighbors bee’s, Gordon joins us from Vegas,  Our Great Inventions, plus much more. Download


On This week’s episode, D-Train talks about his night out on the town, Dave’s neighbor has chicken trouble, Port Richie Mayor shoots at Swat team, Gordon’s “News & Shit” plus much more. Download

EP 50

On this weeks episode, D-Train talks about breaking down his body running too much, Older Tv shows you should binge watch, Too old and to white to listen to 90’s Rap? “Empire Gate” update, Plus much more. Download


On this week’s episode D-Train ran his first 5 K, Dave gives us a wrap on his “new chic” story, Gordon joins us from Vegas, Commercials that let you know you are old, plus much more. Download


D-Train his daughter out to celebrate her birthday and stumbles across the Celtic Fest, Dave finds a chick, we finally get a successful  multicast show done, Gordon talks about getting robbed … Download


On this week’s episode we contribute to the Gillette Commercial debate,  We talk about hot chics with dumpy dudes, holding on to hair styles way too long, Bullying and much much more. Download


On this week’s episode, The audio bugs are back but we deal with them quickly, We talk about fear, Getting out to sign tickets, Never Knowing when it’s your time, alcoholism, plus much much more. Download