In this week’s episode of “What’s the Scuttlebutt?” podcast, hosts Don and Jeff are joined by a very special guest, Tim Gray, the Founder and CEO of the WWII Foundation. Tune in as we dive deep into Tim’s early years in the media industry, exploring the experiences and influences that ignited his passion for World War II history. We’ll uncover the fascinating journey of how Tim became captivated by the stories and events of WWII, leading him to embark on a mission to preserve and share the history of this pivotal era. Tim’s documentary work and the creation of the WWII Foundation have played a crucial role in ensuring that the stories of courage, sacrifice, and heroism from World War II are never forgotten. Join us for an engaging conversation as we discuss Tim’s remarkable contributions to WWII history preservation, the challenges and triumphs of his documentary work, and the enduring impact of the WWII Foundation. Get ready for an episode filled with insights, inspiration, and a profound appreciation for the Greatest Generation. Don’t miss it!

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