W.T.S.P. EP-182

Join hosts Don and Dennis on this riveting episode of What’s the Scuttlebutt as they dive deep into the murky waters of history with esteemed author and Executive Producer of Inside Edition, Charles Lachman. The spotlight shines on Lachman’s latest literary endeavor, “Code Name Nemo: The Hunt for the Nazi U-Boat and the Elusive Enigma Machine,” as they uncover the gripping tale of the U-505. In this captivating episode, listeners are taken on a journey through the treacherous waters of World War II as Lachman shares the untold story of the U-505 and its elusive Enigma machine.

With meticulous research and a knack for storytelling, Lachman paints a vivid picture of the daring mission to capture the U-boat and the invaluable intelligence it held. From the tense cat-and-mouse game between Allied forces and the German Navy to the dramatic capture of the U-505. Through his expert analysis and firsthand research, listeners gain a newfound appreciation for the bravery and ingenuity of those who fought on both sides of the conflict. As the conversation unfolds, Don, Dennis, and Lachman explore the legacy of the U-505 and its enduring impact on naval warfare.

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