This week we are joined by Gary Bone to discuss growing up as a foster kid, Being in JROTC in the 90’s, loosing 100 pounds and still being diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes, and how he recently lost 180+ pounds.

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This week we are joined by Spartan Athlete and Physical Therapist Angie McGilvrey of Apex Physical Therapy to discuss owning a successful business, achieving personal goals, Fitness and keys to better fitness and life-choices.

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EP-7 Living With Lupus

On this episode we are joined by Carrie Troxell to talk about being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Lupus and how a positive mind-state can help to overcome the disabilities presented by these aliments, and how to achieve fitness and a healthy life style despite these diseases.

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4th Place in Age Group .


This week we are joined by Annie Woods to discuss completing College courses deep in the woods of New York State, Do being a Farmer in Northern Kentucky in 2019.

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On this episode we are joined by Pod-Caster, Independent movie producer, and Health and Diet Enthusiast Brian Sanders to talk about His podcast “The Peak Human Podcast, His independent film project ” Food Lies”, how diet effects long term health issues, plus much more.

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On this episode we sit down with Gordon Abernathy and talk about his upbringing and how he took what her learned or didn’t learn from his youth to find his path to success.



Don Abernathy sits down with Mike Fenchko to talk about Mike’s rough childhood, His early start with Drugs and Street gangs, Pill shopping while enlisted in the Army and the one event that changed his life and sent him on the path of self improvement.



Morgan “Moose” Wright of American Ninja Warrior fame sits down with D-Train for a One on One interview to discuss his time in the Military, Teaching your children, his experience on American Ninja Warrior, Fitness, plus much more.