W.T.S.P. EP 81

This week’s episode features the segment “With Those Who Were There”. We are joined by USMC WWII Vet Robert Glenn of Fox Company 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines. Mr. Glenn fought on Bougainville, Guam, and Iwo Jima.

EP 81

W.T.S.P. EP-80

This week Don sits down for a one on one interview with Glen Fleming, to discuss his time in the military, radio, television, restoring WWII weapons, and being the Gun Smith for DriveTanks.com

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W.T.S.P. EP -79

This week Don and Jeff are joined by RJ Nevens Jr, and Brandon  Vinyard to Discuss Animals of WWII, as well as Walking Point the Movie and it’s impact on our lives, “The Band” of The USS Arizona, Elsie Winters Mitchell, and much more.

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W.T.S.P. Ep 78

This week we complete our first WTSPWWII Live Stream, Jeff talks about his latest find at an estate sales, we talk more about how to look at History in a new way to keep you motivate, and we spend some time talking about Pearl Harbor, and we finish off an episode with an Interview our friend did with Helen Hunn back in the 90’s. Helen was alive and present during Pearl Harbor.

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W.T.S.P. EP-77

This week Jeff and Don sit down to discuss Thanksgiving during WWII and what it means to a frontline solder, Jeff talks abut his current “prize” of his collection, as well as our remote interview with living historian Kevin Muir Crane.

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W.T.S.P. Ep 76

One this weeks episode we discuss the troubles that small museum’s are having due to covid and how it also as an impact on reenacting, Don talks about his role as a background actor playing a naval officer if the Disney Plus Series ‘The Right Stuff’ Jeff talks about his appearance on the History Channel Show “Brothers In Arms’ and then we complete this episode with Part 3 of our Interview with WWII Vet Jake Larson.

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W.T.S.P. Ep-75

On This episode Jeff gives us an update on how things are out in Texas, We are joined by Giovanni McAulay of Diablo customs to talk about his goal of creating a custom Bike Shop where Vets can come learn how to build motorcycles, Be around like minded people, and find therapy thru the use of working with their hands, then Don takes us out to Vero Beach Gun show for the first Living History Event of the year and we sit down with Brian Lemonovich to discuss reenacting WWII Era German soldiers in modern times, plus much more.

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Giovanni McAulay