On this week’s episode we get a little deep on the growing assault on “Whites”, We talk about celebrities going after middle school kids for sending their kids horrible dm’s, The Australian Media calling out Biden, Phone prank on scammers, News with Gordon Plus more.

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W.T.S.P. EP 81

This week’s episode features the segment “With Those Who Were There”. We are joined by USMC WWII Vet Robert Glenn of Fox Company 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines. Mr. Glenn fought on Bougainville, Guam, and Iwo Jima.

EP 81


Jeff Joins us from Texas to talk about the snow storm, Gordon has an issue at the DMV, Name Changes, Big Tech Update, US vs Florida, News with Gordon, Plus much more.

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This week we talk about the Super Bowl, How The internet turns everything into race nd political issues, Used trucks not to buy, Gordon has issues with his water softener, Stupid people and the dump things they steal, News with Gordon plus much more.

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At the top of the show Vinnie Tortorich joins us to promote his new Doc “Fat The Documentary 2” as well as being shadow banned by Big Tech and getting de-platformed by Wikipedia. 

Gordon and D-Train discuss D-Trains kid’s school “Accidentally Marking her absent and the fact that it “Happens All The Time”, The Netflix Suggestion of the Week, News with Gordon Plus much more.

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This week we discuss building Dog Doors, Gordon got himself a new truck, Don meets up with a friend for the first time in 16 years, crazy man loves Flags on Fort Myers Beach, News with Gordon, Plus much more.

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W.T.S.P. EP-80

This week Don sits down for a one on one interview with Glen Fleming, to discuss his time in the military, radio, television, restoring WWII weapons, and being the Gun Smith for DriveTanks.com

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We are back and Martin joins us to give us a New York State Covid Update, Are Amazon Hub Lockers a sign you live in a bad neighborhood, We break down Call Of Duty Cold War, Talk about the Battlefield update, News with Gordon, plus much more. 

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W.T.S.P. EP -79

This week Don and Jeff are joined by RJ Nevens Jr, and Brandon  Vinyard to Discuss Animals of WWII, as well as Walking Point the Movie and it’s impact on our lives, “The Band” of The USS Arizona, Elsie Winters Mitchell, and much more.

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