Gordon talks about the craziness and the shootings going on in Las Vegas, We talk about the joys of driving cheap cars back in the day.. What was the food staple you ate all the time when you where poor, D-Train takes a trip to Vero Beach, News with Gordon plus much more.

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F2F EP-14

On this episode we sit down with Navy Vet, Iron Man athlete, and Personal Fitness coach Robert Hale to discuss his time in the Navy, getting back into physical fitness, how to maintain a workout schedule, Iron Man races, plus much more.

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Gordon talks about a medical Procedure he just underwent, Also about a personal loss of a firefighter from his past, D-Train completed a Spartan VR Super Race, Walmart giving their employee’s $18 an hour, News with Gordon Plus much more.



Let’s drink and forget 2020, where were you on 9/11, D-Train talks about the adventure of getting his kid back into school, Do you visualize your projects? News with Gordon, plus much more.

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D-Train Dog eats too much cat poop.. what to do, what to do, California Fire started by gender reveal party, New Sponsor thanks to Import Export Steve, New’s With Gordon, plus much more.

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W.T.S.P. EP-74

This week we sit down for our second discussion with WWII Vet Jake Larson to talk about his experiences during WWII. We are so thankful to have Mr. Larson spends some more time with us and our audience.

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SE-2 EP-27

D-Train takes another trip to the beach after spending all his time and money “back to school shopping”. It’s Gordon’s 11 Anniversary, a possible bill to decriminalize weed at a federal level, a power outage interrupts the show, News with Gordon, Plus much more.

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D-Train’s talks about How the News would change if anchors worked from home permanently allowing them to move to different area’s of the country and if or how that would have a change on their narrative. Florida Dodging a Hurricane, Nevada and the smoke from the fire, Top Stolen Cars of 2018, Neighbor issues, Not going to work, News with Gordon plus much more.

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W.T.S.P. EP-74

This week Don and Jeff sit down to discuss life during Covid-19, The 75th Anniversary of Guadalcanal, The movie Midway, The benefits of buying used Reenacting gear, plus much more.

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