This week I give you a quick overview of the pain that is the new Save Anywhere Cobra Series Day 1 and how it kicked my butt, Then I share with you a segment from the WNYH podcast were we discuss at length how my Savage Race and family weekend went

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This week we sit down with American Ninja Warrior athlete Jordan ‘Flash’ Brown to discuss growing up in Miami, getting involved in photography, how he maintains his religious beliefs in 2020, fitness as well as getting into “Ninja”

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This week sit down with DJ M Dot to discuss growing up in Miami, Working in Radio, Touring the country as a DJ for for National Recording Artist, Working Miami Heat Games, plus so much more.

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This week we sit down with Photographer Neil Doppes to talk about living in Colorado during the Pandemic, Working as a bartender at music halls, and How he found himself to be a “Wild Life Photographer”.


Neil Doppes