I agree with Dr. Phil ?

Since its inception in 2003, D-410.com has been a dynamic platform, evolving alongside shifts in media and entertainment trends. From its early days to its current incarnation, which includes YouTube videos and podcasts, our journey has been one of exploration and adaptation. Notably, our forum, “What’s N Your Head,” initially emerged from the foundation laid by D-410.com.

Let’s address something candidly: I’ve harbored a strong aversion to Dr. Phil for many years. In my younger days, amidst the chaos of the internet’s early years, I expressed this disdain in rather unconventional ways—using MS Paint to distort images of him, reaching levels of satire that could rival even the infamous Cathy Griffin holding Trump’s head.

I once dedicated a page to mock Dr. Phil and his association with Oprah, speculating about their connection stemming from his role as her legal counsel during her legal battle with the Beef Crew of Texas over comments regarding mad cow disease.

It’s surreal to admit that, after 21 years, my stance has shifted. I find myself in agreement with Dr. Phil, applauding his efforts to raise awareness among Americans who, understandably, prioritize their daily lives and local communities but may overlook broader issues.

In a recent segment of an interview on JRE, Dr. Phil’s commitment to enlightening the public struck a chord with me. His determination to not only spread information but also encourage others to do the same resonated deeply. Thus, I feel compelled to share that clip here, believing it holds significant importance.

Additionally, Joe Rogan’s remarks regarding the finite nature of major farm properties, with only about 50 harvests left due to soil degradation, paint a concerning picture. If we fail to address this issue, we may face a future where our nation’s ability to sustain itself agriculturally is compromised. The fact that China-based companies are strategically acquiring land near military installations adds another layer of complexity to this narrative.

In essence, what Dr. Phil and Joe Rogan are shedding light on is not just a matter of politics or economics—it’s about the very foundation of our nation’s security and self-sufficiency. It’s a wake-up call that we cannot afford to ignore.

As we continue to navigate an ever-changing landscape, let’s remain open to reevaluating our perspectives, embracing unexpected agreements, and above all, striving to educate ourselves and others about issues that impact us all.

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