Starting All Over Again P7

At the age of 35, I suffered from two kidney stones. So I did a full “Cold Turkey” lifestyle change, Started going to the gym twice a day lost some weight put on some mass, and got injured. That’s when I discovered running and lost tons of weight, completed 4 savage races, too many 5ks to track one 10k, and one half marathon. ( I ran a half marathon at the beginning of COVID-19 on 3 days’ notice because my savage race was canceled.) Then I started kayak fishing and cut my running down by 45%. Then got injured, stopped running but maybe once a week and now at 45 I weigh what I did at 36. So now I am starting all over again but with an “Angry Knee”. I know my days of 7.50-minute miles are behind me and I love this group because it reminds me that forward momentum is more important than fast Splits. My goal now is to lose 30 pounds again work on distance and not worry about my speed anymore. Let’s just move forward at whatever pace it takes. Just keep moving.