W.T.S.P. EP-162

In this week’s riveting episode of “What’s The Scuttlebutt Podcast,” hosts Don and Jeff sit down with a remarkable guest whose passion for history and dedication to a noble cause has truly made a difference. Joining them is the dynamic Liberty Phillips, President at Operation Meatball, a non-profit organization with a heartfelt mission. The episode kicks off with a warm welcome to Liberty, whose infectious enthusiasm for World War II history immediately sets the tone. As a seasoned expert on the era, she shares her journey from being captivated by history books and documentaries to founding Operation Meatball. Liberty’s genuine ardor for the subject shines through as she discusses the profound impact that the Second World War has had on shaping the modern world. Operation Meatball’s unique mission takes center stage as Liberty delves into its origins and goals. She articulates the organization’s commitment to honoring and supporting veterans, both those who served during WWII and those from later generations.

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