W.T.S.P. EP-158

On this week’s captivating episode of The What’s The Scuttlebutt Podcast, your hosts Don and Dennis embark on an enlightening conversation dedicated to uncovering the hidden stories of military history, both within families and communities. Strap in as they guide you through the best avenues for conducting in-depth research and offer valuable insights for those aspiring to write books or explore other historical mediums. The episode kicks off with Don and Dennis sharing their personal experiences and journeys of discovering military history within their own families. They delve into the significance of unearthing these stories and the impact they can have on our understanding of the past. As they passionately explore the topic, they provide invaluable tips and techniques for listeners who are eager to embark on their own research quests. Next,we unravel a treasure trove of resources and methods for conducting thorough investigations into military history. They discuss various avenues that offer unparalleled access to records, archives, and firsthand accounts

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