T.Y.P.B. Podcast EP-9

In this week’s riveting episode of Tackle Your Personal Best Podcast, Mike takes center stage to recount a near-tragic incident during the treacherous journey of pulling his boat to its new storage location. The dramatic tale is a must-listen for all fishing enthusiasts, serving as a stark reminder of the perils that can unfold in pursuit of our angling dreams.

Meanwhile, Don shares an exciting personal milestone as he catches his very first peacock bass, an accomplishment that’s sure to inspire and motivate anglers of all levels. Hear the excitement in his voice as he narrates this epic moment in his fishing journey.

The episode doesn’t stop there; we dive deep into the challenges of catching bass in the scorching, shallow waters of Florida. It’s no secret that Florida’s hot weather can pose unique obstacles for anglers, and Mike and Don dissect their experiences and tactics for success in these conditions.